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Kerala Fashion (Traditional)

Posted by Shilpa A Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mundu Set

‘Mundu Set’ is the traditional dress of Hindus in Kerala. About 50 years back Hindu women in Kerala used to wear ‘Rowka’ with ‘Mundu’. Nair women used to cover Rowka with ‘Neryathu’ After that they began to use white ‘Melmundu’ with Rowka. Later Rowka was replaced by Blouse and Melmundu was replaced by ‘Kasavu Neryathu’

For the handloom Munduset, the main makers in Kerala are Chendamangalam, Balaramapuram ,Karalkada, Mulloth, Handloom, Hantex, Kasavukada etc. They have outlets in almost all towns of Kerala. Latest trends in Munduset are Set Sarees. Set Mundu with matching blouse piece, Munduset with check design, embroidery hand work and block prints.


Saree is the most commonly used dress form of Kerala women. The usage of Saree spread very quickly after the period of Kasavu Mundu and Set Saree can be called as the day to day dress of women of not only kerala but the whole of India. Saree is the official dress in various ceremonies like wedding engagement and during various festivals in Kerala. To wear a saree one needs to practice . Though it is a 5 mtr long cloth it takes great patience to learn wearing a saree. Formally cream coloured sarees were the trend and later it was replaced by attractive red, maroon bordered sarees. Then Sarees with carious colours, designs, and materials started available in market.

Now-a-days Kerala’s saree market is follded with sarees like Kancheepuram Silk, Bananres Silk, Cotton, Pure Silk, Polycoton, Semi Silk, Kora Silk, Rose Silk, Organsa, Organdi, tec and sarees decorated with traditional works, sardosi work, artwork, ariwork, Luknow work. sequins work, thread work, embroidary work fabric painting, etc. Eventhough so many different modern dress styles entered in the fashion senario, weraing saree is considered to be the ‘most elegant’ for special occassions.

Full Skirt and Long Blouse

Full skirt with long blouse was essentially a teenage dress of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is not seen very common now in cities and towns but usually worn by village girls. The latest fashion of Kerala is full skirt with pleats and Kasavu Boarder and long blowse of Kasavu boarder with front or back open and is worn at special occasions and festivals. Also silk materals with different bright colours are used for stiching custom made full skirt and blouse.

Half Saree

Half Saree was very common among young girls of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Full skirt, Short blouse and a davani (shawl) consitutes this dress style. It is considered to be originated in Tamil Nadu. But is very commonly used in Kerala till about 30 yeras back. Nowadays with all modern fashionss half saree is almost competely disappreared amont Kerala girls.

Salwar Kamees.

Salwar Kamees although a North Indian dress, becames very popular all over India due to its covenience and comfortability in Kerala it is the most common casual and formal wear of young girls now. Different styles of Churidars and Salwar Kamm ez are not only seen in towns , college campus and offices, but even in remote villages of Kerala Latest trends in Slwar Kamees are with embroidary fabric painting, swquins works, cut works, stone and beed works, mirror owrks etc.


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